Friday, November 26, 2010 Cupcake Review & Giveaway

I was contacted by the owner of earthandsugar, Janderyn Makris to sample several different flavors of her organic cupcakes. Yesterday, Janderyn delivered 12 small cupcakes and six large cupcakes to my home. That's right... delivered!

The flavors she brought for me to taste were as follows:

Lemon-lemon cake with lemon butter cream infused with organic lemon zest
Chocolate-chocolate cake with milk chocolate butter cream
Vanilla-Madagascar bourbon vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream
Red Velvet-red velvet cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting
Chocolate Peppermint-chocolate cake with vanilla peppermint butter cream topped with crushed organic candy cane
Pumpkin-pumpkin cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Janderyn sat down with me for a Q & A and I was able to learn a lot about her and earthandsugar.

Janderyn started earthandsugar in August of 2009, when she decided to put Political Consulting on the back burner. Janderyn's taste for confection developed as a child when her Chilean Nana made impeccable pastries for breakfasts and delectable desserts for special occasions.

earthandsugar is based out of Boynton Beach, FL. They are a green business, using eco-friendly packing & organic ingredients, and support local farmers. They deliver to the entire Palm Beach County for free... yep, FREE! They have a very extensive menu including several scrumptious cupcake flavors, cookies, muffins, and pies (seasonal); and for people outside of Palm Beach County ([anywhere in the US]and within PB County also)- Cupcakes in a Jar! 

earthandsugar's cupcakes are simple, but beautiful; and ALL taste amazingly delicious! However, my three favorites (out of the ones I sampled) were the Lemon because of the piquant bite; the creamy, savory Pumpkin; and the Chocolate Peppermint, because of the nice surprise the peppermint adds to it. The Chocolate Peppermint is actually something that I would never have ordered on my own, but I am glad that she brought it; because it was divine!

Standard Cupcakes

$3.25 each
$36.00 dozen

Mini Cupcakes
$1.50 each
$15.00 dozen

A Housewife's Weekly Journal and earthandsugar would like to give one lucky winner a a variety box of earthandsugar's most popular organic cookies!

How to Win:
"Like" earthandsugar on Facebook
Then, comment "#HWLC" on their wall
*earthandsugar will randomly select one winner from the comments!

Order Your Organic Treats at

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Growing and Going

This past week, Roman has begun clapping; he does it when we tell him, "Clap your hands." He also pats his little hands on his legs.  It's super cute! He's become very mobile, crawling very quickly around the house and pulling up on the furniture. He's very curious about things and is learning "No," and comes when I tell him, "Come here." I am very proud of my ever growing, ever changing not-so-little guy!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baking (and Steaming) for Baby

The other day, I prepared some baby food for Roman.
I boiled green beans
baked some sweet potatoes
and added some carrot cubes (frozen carrot puree') into both!
Then, I added some oatmeal creamed with breast milk.

Prepping Food for your Big Eater Preparing homemade baby food is not only very healthy but also fairly simple. All it really requires is... organic veggies/fruit/grains, breast milk (or water), a blender or food processor, storing containers (clean baby jars or ice cube trays) and baby safe spices. (I also use a coffee grinder to grind uncooked brown rice and oatmeal]) After steaming or baking baby's food until it is just soft enough to mash (veggies are suppose to be firm-you don't want to cook out all the nutrients!), you puree it until it is smooth (for the new eater) or a little lumpy (for the older baby) or SUPER chunky (for the experience chewer). You can always ask your doctor, what consistency your baby's food should be, if you aren't quite sure.

The first thing I began feeding Little; aside from a couple of bites of squash, sweet potatoes, and watermelon was avocado. He seems to like it alright. I will never know for sure, because he always makes a funny face when I begin to feed him. It's almost as though he expects it to taste like b.milk. After the grimace, and a queasy shiver he begins to enjoy whatever I'm feeding him (most of the time).

Balance is Key
It's important to me to try to balance what he's eating, so that I don't upset his stomach (e.g. prunes with brown rice or carrots with peas). I haven't always done this, but after giving him 4 oz of JUST carrots and spending TWO days trying to relieve his constipation; I decided that I had to come up with something- and this works! Something else I have tried is feeding him high fiber at lunch, then something lower at dinner. The benefit of this is that, he won't end up with a dirty diaper in the middle of the night. And of course, I always try to provide a variety of meals. I don't want to overload him on just one thing. Different fruits and veggies have different vitamins and nutrients. It is probably best if you discuss your baby's eating plan with his/her pediatrician (Little's doctor has instructed us to focus on veggies, then fruit, and lastly grains.). I have recently decided to introduce yogurt and cheese to him. Yes, it is true that baby is not suppose to have milk before his/her 1st Birthday. However, the milk enzymes that baby can not process aren't in yogurt and/or cheese. This way, he won't have to take probiotics!! ( Another thing we are going to be introducing this week is egg yolk. Yolks contain choline, amino acids, good fat, and Vitamin D! It is important for babies to have Vit D to prevent Rickets. I am not one for taking supplements or giving them to my child. I would rather provide him and myself with what he needs through healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle (being out in the sun- another way to get Vit D).

Spices and Baby
Little doesn't like bland food. After the initial introduction of a food; I add garlic, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, etc.(However, It is important to only introduce one food at a time, to ensure that baby isn't allergic to each).  He seems to really enjoy sweet potatoes with cinnamon and nutmeg. There is a great baby food website, Wholesomebabyfoods provides readers with TONS of recipes and facts about healthy baby food preparation!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 22 - What Makes Me: Me (and not Me: You)

I the "our" of "yours, mine, and our." I enjoy writing, reading, cooking healthy foods, and occasionally baking unhealthy treats. I am sensitive at times, but have the strength to power through adversity. I put my faith in our Lord. I have a wonderful husband and son, amongst an even larger amazing family. I love to laugh, my loud boisterous laugh and have fun with friends getting down and getting funky (but not too funky). 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 21 - Something that Makes Me Happy

A few months back, I won a diaper from If Breastfeeding Offends You, Put a Blanket Over YOUR Head. However, I didn't get the email for about a week after they sent the notification.therefore, I missed out on the diaper. I was very disappointed, but the lady at If Breastfeeding Offends You... sent me a message and offered me a infant shirt for Little. I was super excited! I almost even forgot that I missed out on the cloth diaper!

Today, I received the shirt in the mail and can't wait to put it on him!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 17 Changing Lives

Who I Would Want to Switch Lives with for the Day
I really wouldn't want to switch lives with anyone, to be honest.
(I know... gag me!)
I really love my life: my husband, my son, and day to day experiences.
I think it's important to love who you are and what you are doing.
Otherwise, you should be doing something different.
There are some things I would change up, of course.
I would wish away household tasks, like: laundry, dishes, trash, stinky diapers and 3am wake-ups;
and opt for more Miami, Birmingham, NYC and Chile (and general out of the country) trips.
But for who I'd like to be...
just plain old me!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 16 - 09.11.01 Memorial (Photo of Myself)

09.11.01 Memorial - PBG, FL

As I was reading the names of all the people that were lost in the 09.11.01 tragedy,
I noticed a legend at the bottom of the memorial.
It noted which individuals were firefighters, police or emergency personnel.
Then I noticed another symbol; one for with-child.
It had never occurred to me that some men not only lost their wife, but also lost their unborn child/children.
Fortunately, I do not know what it's like to loose a child nor could I ever imagine the pain that one must feel.
These men lost what matters most, not by nature or by accident.
My heart pours out for them.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 15 - Random 10

Music on Shuffle
I haven't updated the music on my phone in a long time (about a year and a half)!

Jack Johnson - Bubble Toes

Jack Johnson - Do You Remember
(Love this)

Britney Spears - Lucky
(Always brings me back to 13 years old)

The Helio Sequence - Lately
(Came on my phone...never deleted it)

Ludwig Van Beethoven - Symphony No. 9

Beatles - Yesterday

Death Cab - Someday You Will Be Loved

Duffy - Tomorrow

Down AKA Kilo - Lean Like a Cholo

Billie Holiday - Lady Sings the Blues

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 12- Blogger

How I Found Out about Blogger
Why I Made a Blog

One of my friends made a blog about their pregnancy.
I thought that was a great idea.
I felt it would be a great way to share with our family is in Alabama, New England, and Chile.
 I started with a blog about Roman when he was just "baby."
Then, I converted it to a Mommy blog.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 11 - The Day in Delray

Sunday morning, I awoke to the sound of dishes softly clanging on the glass table by our bedroom. Fabian had woken early with Roman. He had Roman watching B.E. in our home office and had quietly prepared breakfast in bed for me. We ate our pancakes, scrambled eggs and ham in bed while watching some tv.After breakfast we got ready for a day out. Fabian suggested that we spend the day on Atlantic in Delray. We gathered all our things and headed out. We parked in front of the cutest little cupcake bakery, Cupcake Couture Sweet Boutique.

Cupcake Couture Sweet Boutique

Yves Saint Lemon

Christian Louboutinilla

All of their cupcakes are named after designers and each cupcake represents their name perfectly!
The only things that aren't couture at this boutique are the prices. They are very reasonable for the size and the deliciousness of the treats.
After debating and debating, we finally decided on the Christian Louboutinilla
(A vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting)
the Yves Saint Lemon
(A vanilla cupcake with Lemon Curd topped with Meringue)
Both were very yummy, but my favorite was the Yves Saint Lemon.
counter tops at CCSB

We lunched down at Boston's on the Beach (It's really across from the beach).
We split a Classic Bacardi Mojito; which I think the server forgot on the bar. Because by the time we got it, it was pretty watered down. Fabian and I shared both the Neptune Wrap ($9) with the chunky cranberry-nut chicken salad in a tomato-herb wrap with a side of sweet potato fries and the Mahi-Mahi Sandwich ($10). Chunky is definitely the right word to explain the chicken salad! It had huge chunks of apple and wasn't very flavorful. However, their Mahi with key lime tarter sauce and sweet potato fries were insane!

 After lunch we strolled around Atlantic, occasionally ducking into a shop to get out of the heat.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 10- Music I Love

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Ingrid Michaelson "Be OK" (Photage Version)

Bob Marley- Redemption Song

Andrea Bocelli - Besame Mucho (2006)

Andrea Bocelli - Ave Maria (Schubert)

Joni Mitchell - Blue

Priscilla Ahn - Wallflower

Priscilla Ahn - Dream (Official Video)

Juanes - No Siento Penas

Juanes - Tengo La Camisa Negra

Monday, September 13, 2010


Something I Did Recently
that I'm Proud of

     Friday, I woke up and decided to attack the dreaded curtain project. Making curtains wasn't something that I EVER wanted to do. It was actually the condo association decided that I could not have "dark green curtains." (They're actually brown; but according to them, they're dark green.) So last week, I took down my "dark green curtains" to sew liners onto them. As I was cutting the fabric to line them with, I chopped a section of the "dark green curtain."
As you can imagine, already frustrated with having to take down my perfectly nice chocolate curtains to sew liners onto them and now having them completely ruined- I threw the sissors down and started swearing about how I hate that old lady that has nothing better to do that to kick up a fuss about my window treatments! (Now, I know that I shouldn't have said that I hated her, but that's what I said. The truth is, I don't like her...I mean not at all, but I do feel a little sorry for her, that her life is so boring that she has to tourment with such pety things). So... back to the curtains; I spent the week looking for the perfect curtains, under $29.99. (I am a stay at home mom!) And of course, these curtains do not exist. So, I found some great fabric that was ironically made into a queen sheet set. So, I set off. I spent the morning and afternoon buzzing up one side of the curtain and down the other, stopping every 10 minutes to fix the thread, nurse Roman, rethread the bobbin, put in a B.E. dvd, change him, trim excess fabric, hand Roman a toy, and to collect needles (so Fabian's foot wouldn't find them later). At about 3pm (after knocking down the LR curtain rod and almost falling off the back of the couch), I had the curtains that were previously in the BR hanging in the LR and the new curtains hanging in the Master BR! I felt like I had finally reached the top of Mt. Aconcagua (tallest mountain in S. America)!

Victory Photo
The green curtains are the ones I made.
You'll have to excuse that the R one is off-center.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 8 - Short-term Goals

Short Term Goals
for the Month Week

(Month-That's list has to be done before Thursday. That's when our out-of-town guests arrive!)
1   make diapers- ha ha not happening 'til next week
2   sew (3) curtains (3/4 of one down...2 1/4 to go)
3   deep clean house (and already need to do again!)
4   re-re-hang towel bar (yes, I know that I typed re-re-hang t.b. It'll be the second time I re-hang it!) (about 12 more times!)
5   prep some easy-to-get to snacks for the weekend (tonight)
6   alter skirt
7   hem dress
  move the old office closet to new office closet
9   print and re-hang pictures (not happening)
10 patch spots and re-paint patches (from moving pictures)
Oh yeah, and BLOG

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 7 - The Biggest Impact

A Picture of Someone
that has the Biggest Impact on You

A year and half ago, I would have had to say my husband, Fabian.
He has taught me the true meaning of love.
He believes in me, even at times when I question my ability.
I know that I can trust him and can always depend on him.
He tells me the truth, even when I don't want to hear it.
He respects himself. Therefore, others respect him.
He is selfless and caring.
He is patient
He is an incredible Father.

Since then, I have had my son, Roman.
Roman has made a greater impact on my life than I thought humanly possible.
From the moment I thought I was pregnant, he has 
affected every moment in every day (and night)!
He is my hopes and dreams all rolled into one little person.
He is my ray of sunshine always keeping a smile on my face and
I think I have laughed more in the past 6 months
than I have in the 23 years before him.

These two guys are my world!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 6 - Superhero

Day 7 of the 30-Day Challenge
My Favorite Superhero & Why

My favorite superhero is Quailman from Nickelodeon's Doug, simply because I grew up watching it after school and on the weekends.

Quailman: Doug's primary superhero and alter-ego. Quailman (along with sidekick, Quaildog [aka Porkchop]), "saved the world" on numerous occasions. Often seen wearing a cape, clean underwear over his pants, and a belt around his head, Quailman was a match for any evil-doer using his three 'powers' -- patience, intelligence, and speed. If those didn't work, there was always the "Quail Eye", a ray fired from his eyes, which would render his enemies "helpless and stupified". Quailman's villains are often based on Roger, with "Klotz" always being part of their name, for example "Dr. Klotzenstein", "Klotzilla", "Baron Von Klotz", "The Cyklotz", and Dr. Rubbersuit. Mr. Bone was also a villain twice ("Robo-Bone" and "The Rulemeister"). His dark side pays homage to the evil Superman in Superman III. He is a native of "the planet Bob", based on the planet Krypton where Superman came from.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 5 - Chile

Pictures of Somewhere I've Been
Valparaiso, Chile January 2009

Desembocadura Del Bio Bio, Chile December 2008
Vina Del Mar, Chile January 2009
Salto de Laja Chile January 2008
Volcan Villa Rica, Pucon, Chile 2009
Ojos del Cadurga, Pucon, Chile January 2009

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 4 - Bad Habits

Day 4 of the 30-day Challenge
What is a Bad Habit that You Wish You Didn't Have?

I have the worst kind of bad habit. I am too honest, and too caring. I am a real person.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 3 - Friends

 Pictures of My Friends & Me
This is a picture of Oscar & Marcela, Cristian & Olga, and Fabian & me. It was taken in Destin, FL a few years back. We took a boat out a couple of times, so I'm not too sure which time this was. Yet, I'm sure it was fun. We brought lunch, beverages, and too many electronics with us (some ended up getting ruined by our wave crashing!).

This one was taken in June 2010. It's a photo of Lauren (Roman's Godmother), Leona (Roman's God sister) and me.

This photo was taken on New Year's Eve 2008-2009 at a Mexican restaurant in Chile.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 2 - Blogger Name

The Meaning Behind My Blogger Name:
My blogger name is Lindsey Cartes, because that's my name. I know, not very creative, but I had to pick my gmail very quickly at Tmo when I got a new phone.
As for my blog's name... I went with A Housewife's Weekly Journal. I thought it would be easier to commit to weekly entries, than daily ones! I think it works for me.
And the address (,
email (, and twitter ( are what they are to help unify everything!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roman loves his Mama

I know this is true, because "Mama" was his first word.
The other night, Fabian was changing Roman's diaper (Isn't he a good dad?!), and asked me to get some pjs out for Roman. I walked into the closet and Roman turned his head to look for me, and uttered the most precious words a mother will ever hear, "MA MA." I stuck my head out of the closet and questioned, "What?," even though I knew exactly what he had just said. Fabian reassured me, by saying "Yep, and he was looking for you!" I preceded to ask Fabian if he was jealous. He told me, no; and I jokingly proclaimed that he should be, because Roman had just said "Mama!" (I know, I'm terrible!)
He has since called me Mama several times!
Roman has also been saying something very similar to "hey!"  So, I might be getting a "Hey, Mama" sometime soon!

Love this! -Flight Of The Conchords

Day 1 - Recent Photo of Me

Recent photo of Roman (my son) and me. We went on a walk with friends, because Roman was screaming (literally) to get out! He ended up falling asleep in the sling with my hand as his pillow!

15 Facts about Me:
1-I love being a mom and wife. Those are the two most important roles in my life!
2-I also love being a daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend, etc
3-I can not spell. (I spelled niece incorrectly before spell checking- IT IS THAT BAD!)
4-It annoys me when people don't speak their native language correctly. (However, I know everyone makes mistakes!)
5-I don't mind being there for people AT ALL, as long as the try to make positive changes in their life.
6-I recycle
7-I cloth diaper 90% of the time & am learning to make my own
8-I co-sleep and have since Roman was born and will probably continue until our next baby is born.
9-I breastfeed
10-I'm not big on having a TON of friends, rather having friends who mean a TON to me.
11-I enjoy working in small businesses or with individuals, and try to remain in contact long after I stop working with them.
12-I LOVE TEA & coffee, too
13-I do not have it all figured out & I enjoy learning
14-I LOVE to cook and bake (but on my terms)!
15- I crochet, sew, and craft. I am a NERD! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Teething Cuff Give-away

Check out this cool teething cuff, The Crafty Nest ( and Roundhouse ( are GIVING-AWAY! Check it out on The Crafty Nest!
-"French for "Here You Go!" Oh Plah!™ is a bracelet for mom that baby or child can safely play with as a toy or teether
-Constructed of medical grade thermoplastic- non-toxic, bacteria resistant, and free of lead, latex, PVC, BPA and phthalates
-Meets or exceeds the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) regulations, in addition to meeting or exceeding safety testing standards for Canada (C.R.C. c.931) and the European Union (EN-71).
-No small parts means its safe for even the tiniest babe
-Extremely durable yet flexible, standing up to frequent chewing without looking worn or damaged
-Easily cleaned with soap and water, and dries quickly so that it can be worn again right away
-Great as a nursing reminder (switch wrists to remember which side comes next)
-Made in the USA"
information from

five ACCESSORIES $25 Gift Certificate

Check out this contest I just found on The Crafty Nest's Blog @ :
It's a $25 gift certificate for five Accessories.

"five ACCESSORIES is a socially conscious company featuring handbags and accessories sourced through fair trade practices in FIVE countries. Our mission is to help generate income for individuals in developing areas, donate a substantial portion of the revenues to worthy causes in those areas, and to foster the use of sustainable materials in fashion.
In addition to our work with artisans in Bali, India, Honduras, and Cambodia, five ACCESSORIES is also partnering with several local organizations. In April 2009, we launched an accessory line titled 'Off The Street', which is sourced and produced by vendors of StreetWise, a Chicago based social enterprise designed to help elevate severely impoverished men and women out of poverty. By employing individuals that have formerly been homeless and using littered material "off the streets" of Chicago, they are offering a unique eco-friendly accessory line consisting of bracelets, buttons, belts, pins and picture frames constructed and adorned with items such as transit cards, bottle caps, ticket stubs from sporting events and other urban refuse. As with all of our accessory sales, 15% of gross income will be donated back to the local organization, StreetWise."
Check them out on Facebook or @

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yogurt & Vanilla Extract Making

Yogurt Recipe
(I now know by heart)
Heat a gallon of milk up to 180 degrees. (Be sure to keep stirring it, or it will burn to the bottom-If burning occurs: refer to my 75 Ways to use baking soda tip #66.)
Then, place pot in the sink, in a bath of ice water. Let cool to 110/115 degrees.
Then, stir in 16oz of yogurt, and put mixture into a air-tight container. (I suggest using mason jars or other bpa-free containers.)You can also add in vanilla extract or any other flavoring, and/or sweetener at this time,but  can what until later (if you'd like).
Incubate for about 10 hours or until yogurt has congealed.
I do this by putting the yogurt containers into a bath of HOT water (inside a cooler). After about 5 hours, you have to pour out the water and fill it back up with HOT water. (I'm not sure what degree the water is, but it's as hot as my tap gets.) After the yogurt has congealed, you can strain excess liquid by stretching cheese cloth across the top of the container and securing it with a rubber band. This makes into something similar to Greek yogurt or Indian curd. Then, it's ready for the "fridge." ("The cold one, not the really cold one"- the way I explain it to my husband, Fabian. [He's from Chile.]) Sometimes, I even throw some into the freezer for us to enjoy with granola and fresh fruit, that evening.

Vanilla Extract
Three weeks, ago a friend and I bottled some of our very own vanilla extract. Now, the vodka is transforming into delicious vanilla essence. There are many benefits of making your own extract, such as: 100% natural flavoring, having a more concentrated product/not paying for water (most store-bought extracts are diluted), a product that will last six+ years (I'll drink mine before I let it lasts anywhere near that long) and the experience... days after making the extract, I was still finding vanilla caviar in random places around my house and even on Roman!