Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Motherhood-2 weeks 5 days

Roman is now 19 days old! We are thoroughly enjoying watching him grow. He is a very sweet, calm baby. He loves cuddling and taking baths! Right now, he is sleeping in increments of about three hours, which makes for two very tired parents

Roman was born on Friday, March 5th, 2010 at 4:28pm. He weighed 6 lbs and 5oz and measured 19 3/4 inches in length. He was born at home, as planned with our midwife, Lori Nelson. I had an appointment with our midwife that afternoon around 12pm, when she told me that I was 80% effaced and had dilated 2cm. She gave us the option to stimulate labor, naturally; which we decided we would do. . I had planned to have candles lit, listen to Eva Cassidy, and labor and deliver in the bathtub. Once labor kicked in, that all went out the window!

I labored for about 2 hours and actively for 30 minutes. Then, Roman Oliver was here. He couldn't have come sooner! We were so ready to have our missing puzzle piece!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pregnancy-37 weeks 5 days

I can not believe we are here at the end, and that our sweet little Roman will be here any day. I have begun to take Evening Primrose and Raspberry Leaf to help speed up the process a bit (as instructed by the midwife). However, Lori has already said that she doubts I will make it to my due date... music to my ears!
Though, I am thoroughly enjoying my time growing our baby; I must admit it has begun to become physically draining. I can't remember the last time it took me less than 3 minutes to get out of bed, or the last time I tied my shoes. I look forward to being able to do crunches, get my nails done, have some sushi and to have a glass of wine, while enjoying our little one!
As exhausting as pregnancy can be, it has been the most incredible thing I have ever experienced!