Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Motherhood-19 weeks

Today, Fabian came home early.
10-Minute Lunch
We lunched on bagel sandwiches, which consist of: wheat/everything bagels with bacon/chicken/turkey/whatever's in the fridge, melted cheese, sprouts, plain yogurt, brown mustard and are SO yummy.

After blogging (and after Roman's ridiculously long nap), we went to the pool for a quick swim.

Quick Dinner Idea
Then, we took a trip over to the grocery to pick up some milk, eggs, etc. Afterwards, we came home and made some pasta with some incredible pesto a friend had given us and some veggies (spinach, mushrooms [really a fungus], tomatoes [really a fruit], and garlic [an herb?]). (Laughing at myself)

Helpful Hint
For a really quick pasta dish, use a pasta like angel hair...the thinner the pasta, the faster it cooks, the sooner you eat!

While we were having dinner, we watched Leap Year. It was kind of cute, very sweet. I really like Amy Adams (also in Julie & Julia- great movie, a must-see). The main problem that I had with the movie was that it took forever to watch. We probably started watching it at about 7pm and didn't finish it until about 10:30pm, because Roman was so irritable and would not go to sleep... oh, well what do you do?!

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