Saturday, July 24, 2010

Roman 4-Months

Adventures with Roman
Roman isn't really a road trip kind of guy. He normally gets really fussy when we put him in the car and will sometimes cry until we arrive at our destination and remove him from his torture device, I mean car seat. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to hook up a portable DVD player for him to watch Baby Einstein (on the way to his monthly well-baby check-up). He really enjoyed it. He watched some of the movie, then drifted off to sleep.
Roman's 4 Month Check-up
On the fifth, we took Roman to his (4) month checkup with his holistic pediatrician. We are proud to report that he is growing steadily and in the average range! He is 14lbs 3.5oz and measured 25in length. The doctor prescribed probiotics for his stomach and some food enzymes for me to take. These should also help with his digestive issues. On the way out of the parking lot, we saw a duck with her ducklings. There were about a dozen, still yellow with brown spots. I, of course had to get out and take pictures and video of them (for all to enjoy). The momma duck was so protective, nudging her ducklings along while hissing at me. I decided to feed her some crackers, that I had in the car. She pecked at them long enough for me to get a closer look at her precious babies.

After our pit stop, we headed off to run some errands. Roman was a bit irritable, so I ended up climbing into the backseat. (I know, really safe...) We stopped by a well known chicken restaurant and used some coupons that I had to get some free chicken sandwiches. Fabian had their new spicy chicken sandwich, which is SUPER SPICY; I had their chicken salad sandwich, which was pretty yummy! Then, we swung by the big box baby store to get some natural wipes and headed home to watch Sherlock Holmes (which was great)!

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