Thursday, July 29, 2010

"What cha doin' with ya heiney in the air?"

Diapering for Dumbies Needed
So, whoever thought what you put on a baby's butt could be so involving, so confusing, and so expensive?
As of now, we have used g diapers with prefold organic Birdseye and the flushable insert and both 7th Generation chlorine-free and Huggies Pure and Natural.
The g's never seem to fit him correctly. They were huge when he was born, then the little pouch never seemed to work right AND they're made so that they Velcro is in the back?! Yeah...
As for the Huggies, they were perfect when he was first born because they have a little umbilical cord cut-out. Then, they leaked. Now that he is a size 2 they fit well again. Apparently, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
We really like how the 7th Generation fit; it's just the price. They are about $10/40 diapers. We go through about 5-7 diapers a day. So, they last about a week. Which means that we spend $40 on diapers a month. That's $480/yr. and we could estimate that he will probably wear them for about a year and a half (at least). That's about $720 on diapers for Roman, alone! (Did I mention we are thinking of having about 5 children= $3,600 on diapers!)
In the past couple of weeks, we started trying out different things. We have tried the g's again- 'still hate them. We have tried organic Birdseye with plastic pants (both in size small and 2T). Needless to say, the first were too small and the second were too big.
Lastly, I have been crocheting a diaper cover for Roman. I waterproofed it with beeswax. We'll see how it does until we purchase a few different kinds next week.

No Baby-wipes for us- Well, occasionally I guess...
As for the bum wipes: we recently decided to go back to making our own wipey wash (with encouragement from a friend). I recently made one with Dr. Bronner's castile soap, lavender oil, and water. It seems to work very well and I can almost hear the money dropping back into Roman's little piggy bank.

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