Friday, August 6, 2010

5-Months: Kisses & Flips

The more Roman eats, the more Roman sleeps.
However, the other night he feel asleep a bit too early. Fabian and I were afraid that he would also wake early . So, we decided it would be best to wake him. We both got on the bed next to him, and sweetly told him it was time to rise. He woke smiling. Then, he allowed us each to give him kisses, turning his head towards each one after about 4 kisses and preceded to do this for a total of about ten minutes. Both Fabian's and my eyes filled with tears of joy as we loved on our "Little P."
Roman and His Truck

Later, Fabian and Roman were playing in the living room while I prepared Roman's breakfast (oatmeal and b.milk) for the next morning. Fabian called me into the room and told me to watch... He had Roman's car toy about an cm out of his reach and Roman was trying desperately to reach it... UNTIL, he ROLLED OVER to get it! I literally jumped for joy! We tried to get him to do it again, but he bumped his head. Then, I remembered that it had been about five minutes since I had put the pot on the stove with only a little bit of water (from washing it)! I ran back to the kitchen to save the pot from the kitchen graveyard, where many a good appliance of mine has been laid to rest! It was a good night, needless to say.

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