Wednesday, August 25, 2010

five ACCESSORIES $25 Gift Certificate

Check out this contest I just found on The Crafty Nest's Blog @ :
It's a $25 gift certificate for five Accessories.

"five ACCESSORIES is a socially conscious company featuring handbags and accessories sourced through fair trade practices in FIVE countries. Our mission is to help generate income for individuals in developing areas, donate a substantial portion of the revenues to worthy causes in those areas, and to foster the use of sustainable materials in fashion.
In addition to our work with artisans in Bali, India, Honduras, and Cambodia, five ACCESSORIES is also partnering with several local organizations. In April 2009, we launched an accessory line titled 'Off The Street', which is sourced and produced by vendors of StreetWise, a Chicago based social enterprise designed to help elevate severely impoverished men and women out of poverty. By employing individuals that have formerly been homeless and using littered material "off the streets" of Chicago, they are offering a unique eco-friendly accessory line consisting of bracelets, buttons, belts, pins and picture frames constructed and adorned with items such as transit cards, bottle caps, ticket stubs from sporting events and other urban refuse. As with all of our accessory sales, 15% of gross income will be donated back to the local organization, StreetWise."
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