Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 8 - Short-term Goals

Short Term Goals
for the Month Week

(Month-That's list has to be done before Thursday. That's when our out-of-town guests arrive!)
1   make diapers- ha ha not happening 'til next week
2   sew (3) curtains (3/4 of one down...2 1/4 to go)
3   deep clean house (and already need to do again!)
4   re-re-hang towel bar (yes, I know that I typed re-re-hang t.b. It'll be the second time I re-hang it!) (about 12 more times!)
5   prep some easy-to-get to snacks for the weekend (tonight)
6   alter skirt
7   hem dress
  move the old office closet to new office closet
9   print and re-hang pictures (not happening)
10 patch spots and re-paint patches (from moving pictures)
Oh yeah, and BLOG

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