Monday, December 29, 2014

Lil Joey Diaper from Pure Earth Baby

I was given a set of Lil Joey Cloth Diaper to review from Pure Earth Baby's ( cloth diaper collection. Lil Joeys are an AIO (All in One) Diaper by Kanga Care. They are designed to fit newborns from about 4-12lbs. Lil Joeys are different from all other diapers as they are equipped with the patented leak protection technology of dual inner gussets. These gussets create a double barrier to prevent leakage from the leg openings on the sides of the diaper. The internal soaker is composed of four layers of microfiber that have been permanently attached to the core of the diaper. Another unique feature Lil Joeys offer is an umbilical cord snap down to keep your little one's belly button from becoming irritated. They are waterproof and do not require covers. Lil Joeys are prepped for your convenience. Just wash and wear!

 Lil Joey Anatomy

My Experience with Lil Joeys
Upon receipt of my set of cloth diapers, I noticed how different Lil Joeys truly are... most diapers lay flat; these have a natural crescent shape, which makes for an almost custom fit. Previously, I thought of AIO as "lazy diapers." I now think of them as luxury diapers. It is so nice to wash, hang dry, and diaper! No insert to stuff, no mess to touch! We were able to enjoy the Lil Joey until our LO (little one) was about 11 lbs. I would definitely recommend Lil Joeys through Pure Earth Baby to all cloth diapering moms.

The Kanga Care Difference
 Kanga Care is more environmentally friendly as it is not adding more and more chemicals into the earth (through production and since it is not being disposed of in landfills). Lil Joeys and Rumparooz are made with TPU (water resistant polyester), which is solvent-free. It has been laminated with a thermoplastic polyurethane through a heat bonding process, instead of chemical bonding. It is also the other "Eco-friendly..." Economically! Though the initial investment is quite large, it pays off over time. Diaper Decisions has a wonderful breakdown of the true cost of cloth diapering (found here).

 Pure Earth Baby

Pure Earth Baby is a family owned business that specializes in natural parenting through cloth diapering, baby wearing, breastfeeding, and products for mom. They carry many wonderful products. Some of my favorites include cloth diapers, amber teething necklaces, and sustainable toys!

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