Monday, September 13, 2010


Something I Did Recently
that I'm Proud of

     Friday, I woke up and decided to attack the dreaded curtain project. Making curtains wasn't something that I EVER wanted to do. It was actually the condo association decided that I could not have "dark green curtains." (They're actually brown; but according to them, they're dark green.) So last week, I took down my "dark green curtains" to sew liners onto them. As I was cutting the fabric to line them with, I chopped a section of the "dark green curtain."
As you can imagine, already frustrated with having to take down my perfectly nice chocolate curtains to sew liners onto them and now having them completely ruined- I threw the sissors down and started swearing about how I hate that old lady that has nothing better to do that to kick up a fuss about my window treatments! (Now, I know that I shouldn't have said that I hated her, but that's what I said. The truth is, I don't like her...I mean not at all, but I do feel a little sorry for her, that her life is so boring that she has to tourment with such pety things). So... back to the curtains; I spent the week looking for the perfect curtains, under $29.99. (I am a stay at home mom!) And of course, these curtains do not exist. So, I found some great fabric that was ironically made into a queen sheet set. So, I set off. I spent the morning and afternoon buzzing up one side of the curtain and down the other, stopping every 10 minutes to fix the thread, nurse Roman, rethread the bobbin, put in a B.E. dvd, change him, trim excess fabric, hand Roman a toy, and to collect needles (so Fabian's foot wouldn't find them later). At about 3pm (after knocking down the LR curtain rod and almost falling off the back of the couch), I had the curtains that were previously in the BR hanging in the LR and the new curtains hanging in the Master BR! I felt like I had finally reached the top of Mt. Aconcagua (tallest mountain in S. America)!

Victory Photo
The green curtains are the ones I made.
You'll have to excuse that the R one is off-center.

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